Child brain is different from adult in terms of brain volume which is larger volume per kg body weight and is still not fully matured in children especially in less than five years. Child’s brain is a developing power house which needs an appropriate balance of nutrition and stimulation to achieve its potentials. Any impact in the developing brain will lead to a long term outcome on overall intelligence and physical ability.

Since the brain is not a matured brain, the symptoms of seizures, movements are different from adults and most of the time age dependent. At times it can be bizarre and requires expertise to identify the problems.

The significant number of children with early onset problems are hereditary and requires specialised workup to prevent its recurrence in subsequent pregnancy. These are chronic conditions that require ongoing care and close follow-up throughout childhood and adolescence.
Here comes the role of Pediatric neurologist, who is specialized in diagnosing and treating all neurological disorders in children better thana adult neurologist. Their advanced training and experience provide them the skill to meet child’s unique need.